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How to get motivated to create a business

Get motivated to create your own business Free resources on how to get motivated to create a business and become your own boss. We now: create a company from scratch is no easy task, but it is possible. We have listed important resources from the Web to help you to become your own boss. Let’s […]

Fortune, the Cookie

Fortune The Cookie Do you want to discover what the universe reserves for you today? Think about a question and Ask Fortune The Cookie. Ready? Go! Click on Fortune or on the button below to read your message. Wanna see another message? Get a fortune! More fortune for you! Shop motivational gifts and keep the […]


Kindness makes the world Daily fortune “” See shop You‘regorgeous! Latest bits of happiness Motivational and original work to remain inspired! Send kindness, receive love Love is what truly makes the world go round. We create pieces of kindness that help you to spread love, motivation, positivity, and care. Find your motivation Motivational and inspirational […]


We believe in kindness and in respect In our opinion, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from: everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. We believe that love creates love. Our belief: Kindness makes the world a better place and keeps people motivated We believe that motivation comes from […]

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