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How to use art prints in your bathroom to stay motivated

Learn how to use motivational art prints to easily create a beautiful bathroom decor

Let’s be honest: we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. But do we care about them in the same way as we care about our bedrooms or living rooms? A well-decorated bathroom (or washroom if you have one in your house) makes us want to spend more time in it and enjoy the simple pleasures of like, such as taking a long bath or… well, you know what.

In fact, the average adult will spend more than 400 days of their lives in the bathroom (at least if you are British :P).

An easy way to decorate a bathroom or a washroom is by using motivational posters and art prints. We say that’s the easiest way because you don’t have to invest in a complete remodel of the area. Sometimes, just adding something to an empty wall is enough to make the space great.

This is also true for other parts of the house. What you choose to put on your wall says a lot about you, your convictions, and your personal tastes. Some people choose to use their walls to hang family pictures. Could you say that this person values family and close relationships?

You can use Art prints in the bathroom to set the mood you have been craving.

Some others may want to use tribal decoration or things they collected while traveling to other countries. Is it possible to say that these people value culture and the memories attached to their travels?

You got the point, right? Wall-decoration is less secondary than many people think when setting a home mood. Especially when you want to stay motivated before going to work.

Art prints and bathrooms: an old relationship

If you are lucky enough to visit a foreign country, you may have noticed that at some places, it’s common the practice of hanging posters on the restaurant’s or garage’s restrooms (only to name a few examples).

Abstract posters can be used to decorate the bathroom.

In France, for instance, I have a friend who likes hanging old posters of French events such as the “Tour de France” or of the “Festival de la BD” or funny posters in his toilet. He likes to use the bathroom to do it because it’s the most personal place in his house. So, it makes sense to use these wall arts as emotional triggers.

For most Frenchs, it’s not an uncommon thing to have some kind of art poster with a motivational quote or a funny art print in this place.

Remember: the bathroom is one of the funniest rooms to decorate because it’s mostly for private use: for you and for your family.

Why should you decorate a bathroom with motivational art prints?

Bathroom art is easy to switch out. You can mix and match different things and diversify your décor whenever you feel that you have to refresh it.

Also, think about it: every morning, before going to work, you take a shower, brush your teeth and do other things in your bathroom. Wouldn’t be nice to have a motivational corner to remind you of your personal project or goal?

You can also use art prints to test a different style before you commit to something new. Let’s say you want to change everything to a more romantic mood. You can start by testing the whole thing with a wall-art and then move to a more permanent decoration.

That being said, here are a few tips to start decorating your bathroom with art prints.

1. Decide where to hang your motivational art print

Hanging your motivational art print will depend on a lot of factors, such as the size of the bathroom and the distance between the ground and the ceiling. It will also depend on the material of your surfaces, the use of wallpapers, etc. But it’s generally accepted that a good place to hang art prints is the wall in front of your mirror.

It works beautifully if you are using inspirational posters and want to be reminded of an idea before leaving to work or to school.

You may also choose to hang it in a place where you can see it when you are taking a shower or a bath. Just be careful about humidity (more on this later).

2. Which art print size to use in bathrooms?

If you have enough space on your all and you are only using one piece of decoration, you can choose bigger sizes to hang. A width of at least 30” can be used to create impact and establish a focal point at someplace in your bathroom.

Another possibility is to use a series of art posters to create a small gallery. In this case, go easy on the sizes. Use small and medium-sized frames.

Small posters with funny quotes are of great use on toilets.

3. Pay attention to the medium

Bathrooms are subject to sunlight and darkness, but also to humidity and heat. Bathroom art should be resistant and art prints have to be framed with a sealed back. You can ask a professional in your area to do it for you.

By the way, we have prepared a board on Pinterest to give you a few ideas on how to decorate your bathroom. You can also follow us there 😀

4. Invest in botanicals and nature-inspired prints

Bathrooms usually feel like a fresh place in the home. This sentiment can be enhanced if you have a luminous room and when you add organic images, like posters of cactuses of florals.

Motivational posters are also a great theme for bathrooms. Invest in simple themes if you want to use this piece of art in another room later.

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